Following on from previous work at Swallownest Residential Psychiatric hospital we have recently worked in collaboration with Cygnet Health offer Tai Chi sessions for residents at the Oaks in Barnsley. (Cygnet Oaks is a 36 bed hospital specialising in high dependency inpatient rehabilitation for men. It provides state-of-the-art facilities and a multi-disciplinary treatment programme designed to assist service users with their return to independent living). 

Sessions were designed specifically to help address issues of anxiety, depression, stress, anger management and confidence. Working closely with head Occupational Therapist Clodagh O Farrell the weekly sessions were well received by both staff and residents. As Clodagh said “David ran a six week introductory course to Tai Chi at our inpatient mental health hospital. The course allowed patients to explore a new occupation which helped to improve self-esteem and sense of well-being. David created a safe and welcoming environment which allowed our patients to feel comfortable. The group was catered to the individuals needs and ability. The feedback from those who attended was positive, they felt it helped them to relax and be mindful.”