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Attending students have completed a questionnaire regarding their thoughts and feelings about the course. These are useful if you are considering attending a course for the first time.

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September 28, 2021
Tai chi’s health benefits for body and mind


"Despite having a career in a pressurised environment, I had always managed to remain relatively relaxed. But, when I felt that I was beginning to feel some stress, I began to look for something that would help me. When researching various possibilities, I came across something called Tai Chi! I decided to try a class.

That was over 15 years ago. Today, I continue to develop my skills and understanding of Tai Chi through my teacher David Lipka and also, as a ‘Full Instructor Member’ of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain I can now pass on my knowledge to others.

I found that Tai Chi not only helped me to maintain my calm it also provided numerous other benefits. I enjoy developing my abilities through personal practice. Alongside this I have found that working with groups of people in Tai Chi classes is always a pleasurable and rewarding use of time.

I always encourage people to try Tai Chi because they may find it enhances their own life style."

Brian Latham