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I am 29 years old and have been practicing Tai Chi since 2004. I first came across Tai Chi when my friend introduced the idea...

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June 6, 2023
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Workshop Programmes

Weekly workshops for individuals or small groups at the Company Gym Tankersley, covering all aspects of Tai Chi, including self defence applications, balance work, form corrections, stress management and mindfulness.

The next programme of workshops due to start in Spring 2018 is currently under development and will include sessions on the following topics.

  • Principles of movement in Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi and balance
  • Mindfulness and Tai Chi
  • An introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi

To register your interest please complete the contact form indicating your specific area(s) of interest. We can also update you via email when these workshops become available.

Hands on Health Workshop

We have teamed up with Hands On Health to put together an Introduction to Tai Chi workshop, run by Dave Lipka of Mindful Tai Chi. Dave is a full time Tai Chi teacher and Shiatsu Practitioner who is a member of both the Shiatsu Society (M.R.S.S) and Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and has many years of teaching under his belt.

An introduction to Tai Chi is tailored to suit people of all ages and is accessible to all levels of fitness and ability. We will be focussing mainly on learning Chi Gung exercises, this is designed to help bring awareness to the body, relax the muscles and slow down the breathing in preparation for learning the Wu Style Short Form.

If you are interested in coming along to this workshop it will be held at Hands On Health’s studio  in Hillsborough, Sheffield on Saturday the 27th May 2017. Tickets are £30 per person, this includes refreshments. Please contact Katie on 07714 785 431 for further information and to book tickets, but hurry as there are only 4 places left! We hope to see you there.

Tai Chi Master Dr Ye Jin will be holding a Workshop for Mindful Tai Chi

We are delighted to announce that Tai Chi Master Dr Ye Jin will be holding a Workshop for Mindful Tai Chi at Mapplewell in February. Dr Ye Jin teaches widely across Europe and it is a great honour for us that she has found time in her very busy schedule to come and visit us.