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Attending students have completed a questionnaire regarding their thoughts and feelings about the course. These are useful if you are considering attending a course for the first time.

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June 6, 2023
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Following are a number of testimonials from people who've used Mindful Tai Chi.

Video Testimonials
Written Testimonials

"I’ve always known the importance of good health, but like many never had time to invest in myself."

James Pearson J.P.

"I have the privilege of attending the Balanced Lives Programme sessions every Tuesday in Sheffield..."

Joanne Smith - Activities Co-Ordinator, Sheffield

"I was prescribed Tai Chi by Dr North. I am now fitter, stronger, mostly pain free, calmer and more confident."

Steve Grimwood

"We've had good feed-back from the members, and I hope that a few of them will take up your classes."

Jean Harvey"We've had good feed-back from the members, and I hope that a few of them will take up your classes."

"Tai Chi was received very well by client's and the quality of teaching was excellent."

Michelle Morgan Advanced Therapy Practitioner Falls and Fracture Service

"Tai Chi is an evidence based intervention proven to reduce falls risk for older people."

Dr Helen Hawley-Hague (Public Health Specialist)

"Personally, I found the sessions relaxing and grounding, giving the feeling that I was more in my body and able to meet the day's demands."

Hayley Youell Barnsley PCT

We all really enjoyed it. It was talked about in the afternoon, and I am delighted to say that there were no negative comments...

Diane Addy Business Administrator | WSP Remediation Ltd

I've had a quick look at your site, the work you're doing looks great...

Diane Scott

A number of people have been referred to the Mindful Tai Chi group through Social Prescribing to help them manage their anxiety and ...

Diane Hammond. VCS Advisor, Rotherham Social Prescribing Service

"I found David via a leaflet I happened to pick up at a Physio practice I work at. After speaking with him about what I would like to do..."

Katie Warburton

"Despite having a career in a pressurised environment, I had always managed to remain relatively relaxed. But, when I felt that I was beginning to feel some stress, I began ...

Brian Latham

"I started attending Tai Chi classes to increase the limited movement of my wrist and arm that had been badly broken. However, I soon found that it was helping to improve my balance and breathing ....

Diane Boardman

"One of the things I really like is the way it gives those who practice Tai Chi a sense that they are taking some ownership over their own health issues." I am an experienced ...

Dr. Christopher North MB ChB. GP.

"I am 29 years old and have been practicing Tai Chi since 2004. I first came across Tai Chi when my friend introduced the idea to me as I suffer with a chronic lung condition called CYSTIC FYBROSIS ...

Karl Lee