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Attending students have completed a questionnaire regarding their thoughts and feelings about the course. These are useful if you are considering attending a course for the first time.

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September 28, 2021
Tai chi’s health benefits for body and mind


"I found David via a leaflet I happened to pick up at a Physio practice I work at. After speaking with him about what I would like to do (offer a workshop/regular class on our timetable) he suggested I came along to a session to see and feel more about what he did. I absolutely loved the class! I teach Pilates and yoga and am a Sports Massage Therapist and loved the emphasis on movement and not technique or alignment. Many of my clients get bogged down with 'how we should move' and then become scared to move in order to avoid pain. Tai Chi helps to show people how we can move better and more efficiently, and that exercise doesn't have to be vigorous and hard work to be effective. David is very professional and passionate about what he does and the classes he provides. He is thorough in his explanations without overloading with jargon or science so they are accessible for everyone - regular exerciser or not. I felt really loose and free after just one lesson - something I have forgotten after years of teaching my self".

Katie Warburton, founder of Hands On Health.


Katie Warburton