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December 21, 2020
Online Zoom sessions


What type of classes do we offer?

Whilst unable to meet face to face we are currently offering the following online sessions via Zoom. Each has a slightly different emphasis.

Monday morning (11.00-12.30) and Thursday morning (11.00-12.30) sessions will focus on;

  • Seated warm up and relaxation exercises and individual seated moves from the Short Form.
  • Standing Chi Gung and principles of movement.
  • Form practise after a short break.

Monday afternoon (2.15-3.30) sessions will focus on the particular health benefits of Tai Chi including pain management, improved functional movement and balance and will be a mixture of seated and standing work including some individual moves from the form.  

This will be more appropriate for new beginners and those particularly wanting to improve balance.

Tuesday afternoon (1.30-2.30) is a form revision class looking at detailed refinements of the short form and form practise. Mainly standing.

Wednesday morning (9.45-11.00) will focus on principles of movement and form practise.

Cost is £5 per session.

If you would like to join us for any of these sessions please get in touch and we will add you to our mailing list.

We offer different types of classes depending on the requirements of the group. There are a number of beginners classes which you can join at any time and are appropriate for people with any level of fitness. These general beginners classes focus on learning Chi Gung exercises and the Wu Style Short Form and and are a good introduction to Tai Chi.

There is also the opportunity to study further at one of the advanced classes where you can learn Wu Style Long Form, Broadsword, Spear, Push Hands and Fast Form.

We also offer specific Tai Chi for mobility classes which focus on balance improvement and managing chronic health problems. These classes are appropriate for people with a wide range of health conditions and their carers. Those managing with Parkinsons Disease, joint stiffness and mobility problems, arthritis, stroke, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and dementia all find benefit from attending these groups.

You may also be interested to look at the workshops that focus on specific aspects of Tai Chi.