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Attending students have completed a questionnaire regarding their thoughts and feelings about the course. These are useful if you are considering attending a course for the first time.

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September 28, 2021
Tai chi’s health benefits for body and mind


How did you hear about David Lipka?

Through Dr Christopher North and the group held at Mapplewell. Great feedback from other community members also confirmed the decision to get in touch with David Lipka.

What was your motivation in looking to include Tai Chi as part of your organisations's service? What were you hoping to achieve? What were your expectations?

The motivation came from the needs and interests highlighted through consultation with the community. We were hoping to create a group that incorporated the ethos of Tai Chi, gentle exercise, relaxation and social support. We also wanted to provide an outlet and opportunity to signpost referrals whom may need support with rehabilitation aswell as falls prevention.

How did you find initial communication with David in setting up the class?

David was and always has been very approachable, professional and supportive in the development of the group from the initial pilot to the group existing in their own right. On first meeting he exuded the characteristics and energy of Tai Chi whilst also being very knowledgeable and centred in his approach.

How do you feel the Tai Chi sessions were received? How would you describe the quality of teaching? Why?

The group has gone from strength to strength, with regulars and new members attending weekly. This has occurred through the powerful promotion of word of mouth and Dave's commitment to supporting our promotion with creating a Tai Chi brochure for Barnsley. People have come and stayed with the group due to Dave's investment, commitment and the high quality of his teaching and support to members. Dave has gone beyond just teaching the class, to sourcing the correct footwear and creating a buzz about the class and Tai Chi itself with joining us at a local fete to encouraged more people in the community to get involved and to think about the positive benefits of Tai Chi. Dave has also developed his teaching and delivery to suit the evolving needs of the class and differing levels of abilities and experience by inviting another pupil/tutor to assist and demonstrate different levels of the Tai Chi form. The integration of chi qoung moves for stretching and opening the session is much enjoyed by the class and again highlights Dave's diverse skills and ability to respond and be flexible with the group, a mood and circumstance.

What feedback did you have from students/staff? Are there specific examples of how it has helped people?

Feedback from the group has been very positive. Through evaluations (provided by Dave) participants noted how they felt better and freer in movement. Many disclosed how they felt more relaxed and calm within themselves and it helped them to control their stress and anxiety on a daily basis with the simple exercises Dave introduced and discussed throughout the sessions. Others described how they felt more flexible and confident in their movements. I recall one member of the group saying how they could know put their socks on without straining or feeling unbalanced, which to them was a daily miracle.

Personally, I found the sessions relaxing and grounding, giving the feeling that I was more in my body and able to meet the day's demands.

Do you feel that Tai Chi helped you to achieve your aims in providing support for staff/students?

It has absolutely and continues to achieve aims in supporting individuals to enrich their wellbeing- emotionally, physically and socially. Thankyou!

How has Tai Chi helped Forge Arts/Barnsley PCT as an organisation?

The success of the sessions has reflected well on both organisations. Through the consistent support and professionalism of the sessions from Dave the group has evolved and flourished creating healthier and happier individuals and communities. It has also provided an alternative to more mainstream exercise and illustrated that the organisations are exploring different approaches and responding to peoples' needs and interests.

Would you recommend Tai Chi/David Lipka to other organisations?

Yes, definately and I have previously to other public health initiatives within Barnsley. We also hired David Lipka to deliver sessions as part of our Life Check Lifestyle Programme.

What three words would you use to describe your experience of Tai Chi

Release. Flow. Awakening