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Attending students have completed a questionnaire regarding their thoughts and feelings about the course. These are useful if you are considering attending a course for the first time.

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September 28, 2021
Tai chi’s health benefits for body and mind


How did you find initial communication in setting up the class?

Very relaxed and informal we discussed the best ways of delivery that would complement both our service and the Tai Chi class

How do you feel the Tai Chi sessions were received? How would you describe the quality of teaching? Why?

Tai Chi was received very well by client's and the quality of teaching was excellent. It provides us with the opportunity to give client's a choice and range of options when they finish their programme with us.

What feedback did you have from patients/staff? Are there specific examples of how it has helped people?

Client's often comment on the impact on emotional well being as Tai Chi includes this with the diaphragmatic breathing. The exercises we do focus mainly on strength and balance.

Do you feel that Tai Chi helped you to achieve your aims?

Yes, client's who attended the Tai Chi class all either maintained or improved with their outcomes when reviewed at 3/6/12 months.

How has Tai Chi helped the work of the Falls and Fracture service?

It gives us another option to signpost client's onto once they have completed the programme with us. It helps client's maintain or improve on strength/balance and confidence once the falls and fracture programme has finished

Would you recommend Tai Chi/David Lipka to other organisations?


What three words would you use to describe your experience of Tai Chi

Incorporates "mind/body and soul"

Michelle Morgan Advanced Therapy Practitioner Falls and Fracture Service The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust